Photography by Ward

We just wanted to let you all know we have a new and very talented team member here at Lakes Design available for all your photography needs.

Photography by Ward is a long and well-established product photography business based in the English Lake District and works with clients both locally, nationally and internationally.

Dayve Ward will help your products become more appealing and desirable though his skills as a professional creative. He will work with you and your designer to achieve this.

Take the strain out of you product photography by allowing Dayve to use his experience to deliver the right visual solution, whether that be the latest piece of technology, a hand-crafted artisans' creation, a plate of yummy food or something in between, Dayve will find a way to arrange, set and light it to bring out the elegance, design, detail and appeal of your product.

Working with creative web designers like Lakes Design is a team effort and amounts to more than the sum of its parts. We will both work for you at the highest technical and creative level to achieve a design that will wow your customers or clients.

Photography by Ward

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