When Fire runs through your veins the call of the forge is an obvious career path – and when your home environment is your passion you have a unique set of conditions to inspire allowing you to fashion creations of function and beauty. And so it is with Steve Hicks –

A true Blacksmith and creative artisan with his forge and studio overlooking his beloved Lake Windermere it’s not hard to understand his inspiration for creating unique pieces, so as you can imagine it was a joy working with Steve developing his new website and online shop. Steve also required ongoing website maintenance and new photographs of himself and his bespoke furnishings. For his photographs we used one of our favourite photographers based here in the Lake District who delivers every time. To view Steve Hick Iron Craft website please follow the link below. 

This Website Included




Business Email 


SSL Certificate

Connecting To Google 

Social Media Set Up

Online Store

Website Build & Design