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What security do your websites have?

SSL Certificate Every website has an SSL web certificate as standard included in the build. To keep connections secure and private over an HTTPS connection. TLS 1.2 Feel safe knowing that your website has extra layers of security like TLS 1.2 to keep all transactions on your site private. 2-Step Verification Prevent unauthorized entries into your account with 2-step verification. You’ll receive a code anytime an unrecognized device attempts to log in. Level 1 PCI Compliant The highest level of payment industry standards, keeping your visitor transactions private. DDoS Protection ​​ Our servers have gone through extensive hacker testing to ensure your website is always up and running. Centralized Website Security This means that all security updates are automatically applied to your site. ISO 27001 & 27018 Certificates Our provider maintains industry best practice for handling personal information (PII) and managing website security risks. Website Security Monitoring All websites are monitored 24/7 for any suspicious activity and continually conducts software security reviews. GDPR and CCPA Our provider has worked with a team of experts to help ensure that our products and services are in compliance with privacy regulations.

What is website security?

Website security aims to keep your website and your personal information secure and private from unauthorized people or applications. We place website security as one of our highest priorities. We strive to implement the highest level of security processes and practices to keep your website safe and secure.

Why does my website need website security?

Website security is essential to protect your site from DDoS attacks, malware and other online security threats. These threats attempt to gain access and use confidential information of both you and your visitors.

Can my website except payments?

All websites can be upgraded to excpet online payments please contact us for more information.

What is a domain name?

In order for a site to be published online, it needs to have an address. A domain name is the unique, virtual address of a website, e.g.

What is hosting?

Web-hosting allows you to create and store content on your website.

Can I connect a domain purchased elsewhere?

You can connect a domain you've already purchased from another provider to your site. We will be happy to do this for you.